Here are some links to other websites that will be of interest to Ibanez guitar fans.

Vintage Ibanez Guitar This site is run by Mark Hartman. He's an Iceman fanatic!

The Jemsite If you want to know anything about the Jem and Universe series guitars...or Steve Vai, this is the place to go. First class site, owned by fellow New Jerseyite Glen G. Cianciulli, DC. Possibly the first site devoted to early Ibanez guitars. An absolute treasure trove of information on almost every Ibanez guitar or bass produced in the 70s and 80s. Owned by Jim Donahue.

Blue Horizon Lots of pages and specs from various Ibanez catalogs. Tons of info on other brand guitars, too.

Ibanez Vintage Page This site is run by Hasy and Harry from Switzerland. They have very nice collections of Ibanez guitars and have painstakingly compiled many catalogs and other hard to find information about '60s and '70s models.

The Ibanez AM Site This site specializes in the Ibanez AM Series. Sven has compiled lots of info and photos that document the AM50 through AM400 models. Mr. Ibanez is a collector of Vintage Ibanez guitars. Take a look at some of the rarest Ibanez models. There may be some guitars for sale and perhaps spare parts or pieces of Ibanez literature.