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This site is dedicated to discussions of interest for collectors of Ibanez guitar products.

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1 2 12-13-07  11:21 am Admin
50s and 60s World
Does your Ibanez guitar have a headstock with metal logo nailed on...more toggle switches than a airplane cockpit...or a pickguard that could double as a snow sled? Then it was probably made in the '50s or '60s nd this is the section to ask all your questions.Our European expert on this era Ibanez, Hasy, will be moderating this section.
200 39 12-05-07  3:16 pm Hasy
Vintage & Custom Electrics (1970s Only)
Want to discuss Ibanez, original-design guitars with origins between 1970 and 1980? This is the place to be!
4290 330 12-13-07  12:39 pm Michaelkaufman
Vintage & Custom Electrics (1970s Only - 6 months old)
6 Months Old
4776 384 12-13-07  12:01 am Dave_g
Vintage & Custom Electrics (1970s Only - Over 1 year)
Messages over 1 year old.
1272 114 6-10-07  5:02 pm Gemberbier
Vintage & Custom Electrics (1970s Only - Over 2 years)
2 + years
12217 1465 11-28-06  5:44 pm Ibanezfreak1960
Handcrafted Re-issues
Since 2005, Ibanez has re-issued handcrafted versions of some of their most sought after original-designs! Currently, these include the Bob Weir Cowboy (BWM1BS), 2006 Artwood Twin (2670RE), and the 2007 AR5000RE. Discuss these fantastic pieces of art and function in this section.
523 5 12-13-07  12:40 pm Mitch236
Replicas (Ibanez brand ONLY!)
This is the place to discuss Ibanez brand name copies of other makers guitars.Please discuss all other related brand names in the Other Replicas topic section, below.

5366 713 12-13-07  12:02 am Chucke99
Other Replicas
If you have a replica that you think is related to the vintage Ibanez guitars in some way, ask about in this section. This would include guitars made under the Antoria, Crestwood, CSL, Memphis, Penco and Ventura brands.
674 125 12-11-07  9:31 am Bassassin
Cool Contemporary Electrics (1980s and Later)
If it was made in the '80s, '90s, or '00s and says: "Ibanez" on the headstock - this is the place to talk it up.
2609 371 12-13-07  11:29 am Pitchpocket
Cool Contemporary Electrics (1980s and Later) Older
If it was made in the '80s, '90s, or '00s and says: "Ibanez" on the headstock - this is the place to talk it up.
6192 1015 12-02-06  4:33 pm Fingersmcoy
Hollow & Semi-Hollow Body Guitars
If it isn't solid, yet, has a pickup and sounds sweet, it's got be an Ibanez hollow or semi-hollow body guitar.

13356 1697 12-13-07  9:31 am Talajuha
Acoustic Guitars
If your penchant is for Ibanez acoustic guitars - check into this discussion area.
2195 397 12-11-07  8:05 pm Gemberbier
Ibanez has been known for making fantastic and highly respected bass guitars for decades. Whether it has 4, 5, 6 or more strings drop in and tell us all about it.
1527 357 12-13-07  12:22 am Chucke99
If you can plug a patch cord into it and it's got an Ibanez logo on it, come and tell us all about it.
511 173 12-09-07  3:05 pm Johns
Captain Ibanez - Defender of Truth!
In a never-ending battle to sort truth from fiction, fact from myth, Captain Ibanez (a.k.a. Cameron Berthold of Australis Music Group in Australia) will attempt to use his "inside" connections to answer those impossible questions everyone seems to ask. So, fire away!
2525 338 12-13-07  10:01 am Mongo
Jim Donahue Answers Your Questions.
Jim Donahue - a former, long-time employee of Ibanez, the driving force behind, and now the president of NoahJames Guitars - wants to answers your questions and test his memory. Note: NoahJames Guitars is thriving and that means Jim's time here is limited. It's possible, that questions may not be answered for several weeks.
938 207 12-10-07  10:24 pm Eskoe
Jeff's Black Hole
Jeff Hasselberger is alive and well and now on ICW! Toss a question, a comment, an observation, (or preferably, a bag of $50s) into the Black Hole and if the warden cooperates, Jeff will spend part of his work release writing for us.

289 51 12-08-07  6:39 pm Michaelkaufman
The Player's Lounge
Ever wonder how the ICW members actually use their Ibanez guitars in the "real world" to make music? This is the section to ask and give advice on subjects like tone, set-ups, or even what guitar would be good for specific gigging situations.
516 45 12-09-07  10:18 pm Michaelkaufman
The Guitarist's Workshop
Whether you are involved in a full-fledged restoration project or just looking for a simple fix for your equipment, this is the section to ask for help or advice. Everyone is invited to share their advice and experiences about repairing, restoring or building guitars, amps or effects.
361 65 12-13-07  12:43 pm Michaelkaufman
Artist/Band Appreciation Section
Share your enthusiasm for your favorite bands or performing artists. (Don't worry if they don't have any connection with Ibanez products.) Please remember that the title of this section has the word "Appreciation" in it. Constructive criticism is natural, but if you have nothing good to say...DON"T SAY IT! :-)
240 34 12-08-07  10:32 am Gemberbier
Alas, Ibanez doesn't make everything that a guitar junky needs in life. Stop in and talk about anything else guitar related.
9473 972 12-13-07  12:38 pm Mongo
Free Classifieds
Post all For Sale and Want to Buy ads here.
5800 1667 12-13-07  11:31 am Pitchpocket
ICW Hall of Fame
Some members of the ICW community have made substantial contributions, either by donating their time, money or expertise to the continuation of the ICW site. These members deserve a special commendation and so have will have their generosity acknowledged in this section.
34 4 12-09-07  3:00 pm Admin
Account Holders Test Area
This section has been created to give members who have recently registered, a place to test whether they have access to read and post messages, as well as, trying to upload images in your messages. If you don't have an account, see the directions at the top of this page.
1044 346 12-13-07  1:07 pm Johns
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