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Oh no! He's back!Michaelkaufman26 12-08-07  6:39 pm
Which guitars have... "Carved Solid Spruce Tops?"Aroee12 11-04-07  10:53 pm
Japanese classic Ibanez guitar model 323 (HELP!!!)Send2kristina11-03-07  7:57 pm
Anyone seen Jeff?Johns7-01-07  7:46 am
Aloha Jeff or John S, Can you help me? MC 350, Or?Mauiboy5-07-07  6:23 am
WANTED Ibanez AR5000Johns7-08-06  10:46 am
Ibanez Flying V Medallion?M_hendrix5-14-06  10:32 pm
Did Ibanez ever produce a ES330/Casino knock-off?Boo9-23-05  8:08 pm
Jeff Hasselberger, Weir, Steve Miller Ibanez ceremony from 70sTamaref9-23-05  12:11 am
SA series guitars any info?Funkle15 9-18-05  1:01 am
Weir / Artist neck joints....Dermglass9-15-05  5:10 pm
1960s helpMinied20035-23-05  6:55 pm
Roadstar II headstock decals?Banjometal5-05-05  8:38 pm
Finish on a 2681?Spiro4-17-05  5:00 pm
Any info on Bobby Cochran's "Cowboy Fancy"?Blackknife2-21-05  6:41 pm
A Funny coincidence!Johns12-16-04  3:22 pm
Need info re Ibanez V300 BSNacoma12-14-04  8:18 pm
Pickup replacement questionPunk_guy91111-02-04  6:50 pm
Silver series Help me !!!!!Betoblues12 10-15-04  9:50 am
Question for Dave_GDave_g10-11-04  3:05 pm
Flowerpattern/Vine /Tree of life FretboardArtfield10 10-09-04  1:12 pm
Did Ibanez EVER produce guitars under other names?Sixvsix13 9-28-04  2:26 pm
1977 Korina Iceman - Production numbersStarsky746-30-04  5:32 am
GhostridersIbnzplyr6-09-04  5:36 pm
Ar300 wiringFox6-08-04  9:20 pm
The source of Ibanez tone woods during the golden eraDoc4-22-04  1:18 am
Artist bodies with Performer head-stocksJohns14 12-11-03  5:57 pm
Arched top on the V300BS?Scott7-08-03  7:10 pm
Hand stamped serial numbers in pre-serial number fretboards...Munch12-18-02  7:22 am
What Inspired the "Smooth-heel" Neck Joint?Jako_Notorious10 12-13-02  12:45 pm
AR500/AR3000/AR5000Michaelkaufman11-25-02  2:11 pm
Help!! - On installing AS-200 pickups.Munch11-16-02  11:11 pm
Rocket Roll II Flying V in Snakeskin FinishDobroman10-05-02  12:37 pm
Ibanez guitars with no logo......Cameron4-10-02  10:16 pm
Do you have ANY info on IBZ/USA pickups you can share?Tony4-01-02  12:04 pm
Super 70 P-90 Soap BarBlues2-28-02  3:12 pm
Ibanez pickup structure - 2 or 4 leadsAki Rintamäki10-08-01  12:53 pm
79 Musician Limited Edition QuizBruce Cluley9-20-01  7:04 pm
Ibanez Pickups - Types and IdentificationAki Rintamäki8-31-01  5:07 pm
Customized Bob Weir ModelChris Sandell18 8-28-01  8:45 am
'77 Challengeratombomb8-14-01  10:45 pm
Great Ibanez Guitars On Record?Mark Munchenberg7-12-01  4:27 am
Artist Custom Series??? Can you shed some light Jeff??Mark Munchenberg7-12-01  4:21 am
Can anyone here help un-confuse me????Jeff Hasselberger6-25-01  11:06 am
Catalog ComicPS1010 5-17-01  9:20 pm
Did Joe Pass have a lot of influence designing the JP-20?Harold Wherry5-15-01  1:50 pm
Jeff - We need your learned opinionJohnS5-11-01  12:38 pm
Jeff - Got any more stories for us??Jeff Hasselberger4-20-01  1:04 pm
Placement of strapbutton on the Professional Bob Weir modelJohnS4-19-01  6:14 pm
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