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SG BassChucke9912-13-07  12:22 am
Nice MC800DS on the BayChucke9912-12-07  11:59 pm
Ltd Edition 924 BassCmangeot12-12-07  7:16 pm
Black EaglePeterdryan12-04-07  4:57 pm
What to expect from a Cimar bass?Chucke9912-04-07  3:51 pm
Eagle Bass on the BayChucke9912-03-07  2:47 pm
Now 've seen everythingPhatphred12-03-07  2:45 pm
My newMC940DS FretlessWhy_must_i_be11-27-07  9:08 pm
White Iceman bass, thank you CortGemberbier11-22-07  3:40 pm
Look at the grain on this Musician Bass!!Chucke9911-19-07  6:09 pm
Which are the Great AND Cool New Ibby Basses?Chucke9911-16-07  3:43 pm
Nice blonde model on eBaySixvsix11-11-07  7:48 am
IBANEZ TELECASTER BASS - 1974 - for saleMarcoau1000011-09-07  9:10 pm
Bartolini Pickup substitutesRju10-31-07  11:29 pm
Black Eagle on eBayHarry10-28-07  4:02 pm
Fake or real?Chucke9910-27-07  7:36 pm
Black Eagle Bass in New YorkMichaelkaufman10-22-07  9:12 pm
Ginger bought an Artstar AB50 semi shortscaleArtfield10-21-07  7:51 pm
Early to mid 80's Roadstar Bass in Mpls.Bassassin10-18-07  12:45 pm
MC940DS Fretless Musician Bass on the BayCmangeot10-10-07  9:14 am
Humbucker controls for 83 roadstar II bassBassassin10-04-07  5:57 pm
83 Ibanez Roadstar Bassplayermarty10-03-07  7:45 am
Nice MC900DS on the BayGuitarwhisperer10-02-07  9:42 pm
And a "Ricky" from the same seller...Bassplayermarty10-02-07  5:00 pm
Artist bass on flea bayChucke9910-01-07  1:36 pm
Vintage Mystery BassGemberbier9-29-07  4:11 pm
Black Eagle Siting on the BayChucke999-24-07  5:28 pm
Nice one on the BayTonedef8-28-07  2:35 pm
My SR-8100 J-CustomZoloo8-26-07  8:24 pm
Another Black Eagle BassMichaelkaufman8-25-07  4:01 pm
Rare Blazer on eBayGemberbier8-22-07  1:18 pm
Z Silver Cadet (again.....)Zodiac8-21-07  9:53 am
Bassguitar Ibanez Custom AA 150 JFShrap14 8-17-07  9:58 am
Newb seeks advice- selling LH bass EXB404LCarter318-10-07  8:31 pm
Soundgear 20th AniiversaryBluesmeister8-08-07  1:01 am
Black Eagle BassDylanharbour10 8-06-07  5:02 pm
Roadster RS900 ??Hammerman12 7-18-07  11:30 am
Black Eagle Bass Neck on eBayBassassin7-17-07  3:42 pm
Need some info about my bass Ibanezkid13 7-16-07  3:58 pm
GSR200Kipreitz7-12-07  5:02 pm
My first bass. Ibanez sr480BM, I got ?'s.Gemberbier23 7-08-07  7:04 pm
String Preferences?Gemberbier21 7-07-07  6:47 am
Opinions on Ergodyne. Questions re. my first bass.Jchester7-03-07  12:57 am
Pre-Serial 2354NB-3L on the Bay - Original Bridge?Bassassin6-30-07  12:21 pm
MC980 8-string on the BayArtfield6-30-07  10:10 am
New Ibanez ATK 305 NT, or a ....Gemberbier6-26-07  6:06 pm
1981 Ibanez Destroyer Bass (Z Series)Ibanezkid6-25-07  8:50 pm
Black Eagle Bass Pickguard Done !!!Ibanezfreak19606-15-07  4:50 pm
Sting & Musician Bass in New York Times AdJchester6-04-07  11:22 pm
Wiring DiagramChazmo5-30-07  8:53 pm
Just got an 81 DESTROYER II BASS-any further info?Surfbug5-29-07  9:49 pm
Ibanez Black Eagle body & neck on E-bay !!!Ibanezfreak19605-27-07  4:37 pm
Neck ReliefStonie5-17-07  5:28 pm
MC800NT on eBayChucke995-11-07  4:01 pm
Ibanez Blazer BassIbanezfreak196084 5-08-07  7:21 am
Roadstar II BassGeoffbyrne5-06-07  7:14 am
Roadster RS900 case?Aarongein4-28-07  2:03 pm
1979 Ibanez Musician MC800 Bass Steinbergerman4-27-07  8:45 pm
Need help identifying new purchaseShrap4-25-07  9:19 pm
1979 Ibanez Musician MC800 Bass Picture Jchester4-18-07  12:00 am
1979 Ibanez Musician MC800 Bass Steinbergerman4-17-07  9:11 pm
Where to sell my vintage bass?Johns4-17-07  8:28 am
Suspect bass posing as IbanezFox4-11-07  9:24 pm
Why Isn't the Bid Higher on This?Jchester3-31-07  5:20 pm
Musician Bridge Question???Sting753-24-07  1:19 pm
Just Got My GrailBerry743-20-07  10:32 am
Musician Bass on eBayChucke993-14-07  11:23 am
Musician MC924Stonie3-12-07  1:21 pm
Finally Got My MC940DSGuitartim3-09-07  1:09 pm
SR1100EInnag3-09-07  8:32 am
Musicain Strings???Sting753-09-07  2:17 am
Musician Bass PartsSting753-07-07  6:59 pm
Possible Ibanez bass, totally perplexed hereBassassin3-02-07  1:04 pm
Opinons Wanted: SR Prestige BassesGuitartim3-02-07  11:57 am
Need ID on this Roadstar IITcndeb2-27-07  10:14 am
MY PERSONAL "HOLY GRAIL" -or- What started you collecting Ibanez gu...Gemberbier17 2-19-07  9:48 pm
Your First 2007 Acquisition.... What is it?Dave_g18 2-17-07  12:05 am
Hi Newie and Questions to my BTB 205Bassdemon2-09-07  7:12 am
THE ATK IS BACKGemberbier1-31-07  9:04 am
1980 Ibanez Musician 8 String up on Ebay now!Brucebanner1-18-07  12:14 pm
I NEED LEFT HANDED BASSESGemberbier1-18-07  11:21 am
1980-81 price list for Musician BassesCmangeot1-15-07  5:35 pm
1980-81 price list for Musician BassesCmangeot1-15-07  5:16 pm
My new Musician...HELP!Johns10 1-12-07  9:08 am
Axstar BassMichaelkaufman1-09-07  5:05 pm
Matsumoku made early 80's Aria Pro II Black n' Gold SeriesBoo1-03-07  11:44 am
Please help to identify my vintage Ibanez bassFox12-31-06  3:54 am
Nice Musician BassMichaelkaufman12-25-06  10:30 pm
Need help identifying my new bass.Bassstudent12-19-06  8:51 am
ATK 305 on Ebay (Australia)Gemberbier12-13-06  4:57 am
Very rare Half Fretless/Fretted Musician Bass on Ebay Germany!Yogi12-10-06  6:51 pm
SR1200FLNT Does it exist?Guitartim12-08-06  10:36 am
1986 roadstar 2 bassRicerockets12-07-06  9:09 pm
Roadstar 2 bassMr_roadstar12-07-06  7:59 pm
To SellTetsuo12-04-06  5:18 am
Greetings from SpainMc92411-28-06  6:51 pm
Oh well, missed this one ...Proadster11-14-06  8:17 am
Please help me identify my bass...Pinoybaho11 11-08-06  11:48 pm
Introduction and questionsLesliegl11-03-06  1:12 am
Soundgear questionLesliegl11-02-06  12:23 am
Fretless MC924 on ebayJchester10-29-06  1:42 pm
Ibanez Musician MC924Acetan10-26-06  3:44 pm
Sting's Musician BassesGinboxer10-23-06  2:40 am
SG BassHarry10-22-06  9:26 am
Ibanez this a prototype for the Ergodyne?Tailgate20 10-13-06  5:45 pm
Another RicMichaelkaufman10-11-06  8:12 pm
Musician Bass pickups?Ginboxer10-09-06  6:59 pm
Heres my roadster, anyone know anything about it?Johns10-09-06  11:58 am
VINTAGE 1980 IBANEZ STUDIO ST-824 BASSPitviper10-02-06  6:48 am
Another oddity...Gemberbier9-28-06  6:31 pm
Roadstar bassMrblanche9-27-06  10:54 pm
Ibanez, SoundgearMrblanche9-25-06  3:21 pm
He says this is an '87 SGMrblanche10 9-22-06  8:43 pm
Fretless on ebayIbanezfreak196010 9-22-06  1:29 pm
TR Expressionist + ATKHeaththegreat9-19-06  9:07 am
Another Eight String Musician!!!!!!Cmangeot9-13-06  9:08 am
Rare (?) Artist BassJchester23 9-12-06  1:34 am
'81 Musician BassDylanharbour9-11-06  12:09 pm
Musician Bass!Michaelkaufman9-07-06  7:37 pm
Old Flying VPitviper11 9-06-06  7:05 pm
1980 Studio Bass - NiceMichaelkaufman8-19-06  8:46 am
Difference between SDGR 800 and SDGR 800LE?Lesliegl8-18-06  12:12 am
SR1015 info / reviewsBassed8-02-06  11:28 am
Blazer Bass BL???Mr_roadstar7-15-06  3:05 pm
Looking for two musiciansPsy7-13-06  3:44 pm
SR 590 InfoPsy7-10-06  2:25 pm
BSoundgear SR2000Wildfield7-05-06  8:47 pm
Combining bass pickupsPitviper7-03-06  11:32 pm
Replacement neckMap88keys7-02-06  5:03 pm
Blazer CustomPitviper6-29-06  5:08 pm
Elusive SR500FL? Why so rare?Guidothepimp6-29-06  9:29 am
Artist bass on ebayIbanezfreak19606-28-06  9:21 am
Help on Identifying my New "Custom Made Series" BassLesliegl10 6-28-06  2:11 am
Vintage Ibanez MC980 8 string bass value?Sherwin35016-23-06  2:04 am
Missed an Ibanez Musician BassBrentm6-22-06  2:14 pm
MC888 bean bass wantedPetrovski6-22-06  1:04 pm
Black eagle bass on ebayPacafeliz6-17-06  6:56 pm
Blazer Bass CaseMtnmike1986-15-06  6:28 pm
A little help request for the pro's! (bass ID)Franksterstein6-14-06  10:08 pm
1983 musician wiring diagrams.Icyuod14 6-13-06  1:04 am
Need info about ibanez musician BassTetsuo6-07-06  12:06 pm
Any info on a 1979 Roadster?Rich910 6-05-06  9:57 am
Can anyone tell me about this bass?Mr_roadstar5-25-06  2:31 am
Bassists, Please Help a (weak) Brother!Guitartim15 5-23-06  4:28 pm
Should I refret, or should I buy new bass??Strumminronin5-20-06  3:24 pm
Who has a Roadstar II bass too?Isolda12 5-17-06  2:06 pm
Looking to buy 80's x-series bassSnackbandit5-13-06  6:50 pm
Ibanez Recall Ibanezfreak19605-04-06  3:37 pm
Specs of my new ICB200Stationc5-01-06  12:11 pm
AFR105 Bridge SaddlesShackman4-25-06  12:40 am
Soundgear decalMr_roadstar4-21-06  12:46 am
I need help identifying my bass. Could somebody please help? Biohazard4-20-06  12:03 pm
VINTAGE BASS-HELP!!!Bassassin4-20-06  9:54 am
Model sr 406Bassplayer4-20-06  9:47 am
Still looking for Ibanez Musician Fretless MC940DSDeadsled4-18-06  11:08 pm
TR Series Bass MIJ for saleWarrengray4-15-06  11:54 am
What Roadstar II Bass Model is this?Walt10 4-09-06  12:23 am
Wanted: mc940 fretless musician bassDeadsled3-30-06  2:37 am
New Soundgear 300DX ownerStrumminronin3-29-06  5:09 pm
Ibanez sr1305Flawlesscowboy3-21-06  4:05 pm
Black Eagle BassIbanezfreak196014 3-19-06  8:55 pm
Help me identify my bassJohns3-15-06  5:56 pm
1980 Studio Bass - 8 string?Ccs16 3-14-06  11:07 pm
Black Eagle Bass New WebpageNickuk3-14-06  8:56 am
Info on Artcore AGB140?Musash3-10-06  1:27 pm
1975 Ibanez PrecisionOlafreijnders3-07-06  3:27 pm
Artist bass??? Saw one in the store the other day, well used, for $...Jugghaid12 3-03-06  12:04 pm
Help Identifying a FretlessJohns3-01-06  3:05 pm
ICB200 at eBayJeffsailor3-01-06  12:55 am
Tommy Shannon's "Kumi" BassTnadr2-27-06  7:25 pm
What do you guys think of the old EX series basses ? Mr_roadstar2-19-06  4:33 pm
Need replacement bridge for '79 RoadsterBudwirth2-14-06  2:02 am
Soundgear 645Olafreijnders2-13-06  8:16 pm
RS924 anyone any oneSherpakahn2-08-06  9:19 pm
Any Info on this Bass is appreciated.Hawkster3182-08-06  4:17 pm
Any Info Would Be AppericatedJohns2-08-06  8:07 am
'81 Musician fretless (MC-940) wiringLevisj1252-05-06  9:05 pm
Bass for recording?Johnm1-31-06  3:36 pm
Need Info on Flying V BassSmakutus1-29-06  7:09 am
Replacent PUs for ICB300?Scourge1-20-06  12:39 am
Best bang for the $. What would you bass players recommend?Funkle23 1-16-06  7:26 pm
What to look for in 2nd hand bassesFlatbag1-10-06  8:47 am
What is this? Beginner needs some help :-)Wackazong10 1-09-06  3:42 am
1987 Soundgear lefty - need help identifyingJeroen14 12-29-05  6:16 pm
Roadster Bass RS900 (TV) - Everything I ever wanted to know...Mrsgearhead12-29-05  4:03 pm
New ArtCore BassGuitartim12-16-05  12:59 pm
1973 ,2380 Recording or Prefessional ?Masterplan12-11-05  6:09 am
Hello, New to the forum.Navybass11-29-05  2:42 pm
SR905Lesliegl11-25-05  10:45 pm
Help... Ibanez Musician bassGinboxer11-23-05  1:33 am
Nice Studio BassGuitartim11-17-05  12:54 pm
Ibanez Raodster Bass - with a handle?Mr_roadstar11-14-05  3:20 pm
Could you identify yet another bass please!Johns11-05-05  2:59 pm
Ibanez Roadster BassBudwirth11-01-05  12:13 am
Is this a ibanez lp bassMinied200310-27-05  9:17 am
How much would you pay for this?Oswah10-14-05  8:48 pm
MC924 Musician Bass on Dutch ebayLespaul10-12-05  12:48 pm
Replacement neck?Bassdude10-12-05  12:41 pm
Left handed 82 musicianGeoffirwin10-10-05  1:03 pm
Ibanez Sound Gear SR1205FL Johns13 10-10-05  11:34 am
Just got a great '81 MC 924Johns10-10-05  11:28 am
Ibanez Silver Series Jazz Bass 77' fretless ????????Johns20 10-05-05  12:38 pm
BTB 850 SPW Bass - does it exist?10pizza9-29-05  6:05 am
Should i just chuck my sdgr custom made bass???!Cameroncrew9-29-05  1:25 am
Ibanez Jazzbass '76Olafreijnders9-26-05  7:56 am
AB100Mmccluremorgan9-25-05  6:21 pm
Need help identifying my bassHotnepz9-17-05  6:38 pm
Help with identification please....Dk09-16-05  8:48 am
Round wound or...Boo9-16-05  1:49 am
Neck radius - what is it?Norinradd9-13-05  9:36 pm
Ibanez Jazz Bass pickupsOlafreijnders9-12-05  4:44 pm
Cimar Ibanez Jazz BassBluesmeister9-09-05  7:59 am
Flying V Bass on ebayCcs13 8-31-05  12:00 pm
BTB seriesGuitartim10 8-30-05  10:31 am
Well I got another!!!!!!Cmangeot8-28-05  9:27 pm
I need help identify my bass.Johns10 8-26-05  12:59 pm
Soundgear 1000 Bridge PartsMustbampeg8-25-05  2:33 am
SR1000Mustbampeg8-17-05  8:22 pm
Questions about an 1983/4 Ibanez RB630BY Roadstar II BassMr_roadstar8-17-05  3:19 pm
I need pickups for my musician bass.Nfenne8-09-05  4:35 pm
Ergodyne EDB 350 (Really Strange)Metalkingtiger8-08-05  10:07 pm
'70s Les Paul Lawsuit BassI_m_noone8-07-05  7:56 pm
Ibanez bassDoctorwholittle7-27-05  2:40 pm
Silver series (lawsuit) fretless precision Ccs7-12-05  5:15 pm
PartsCcs6-13-05  3:09 pm
RB850 Bass SchematicWillgod6-08-05  6:56 am
Musician Bass with EQIbanezfreak19606-06-05  6:52 am
Low Impedance - SR506Fredthebassplayer6-02-05  3:44 pm
Any info about Gio Ibanez GTR 75, 5 stringOblivion6-02-05  1:00 pm
Ibanez TR75 5 stringOblivion6-02-05  12:37 pm
Ibanez Exb445Bigrick5-04-05  1:39 pm
Unknown 85 Roadstar with Low z pickupsHans4-27-05  1:56 am
Vintage Ibanez 1980 Studio Bass Geoffbyrne4-19-05  7:43 pm
Thres some thing weird with my bass Grungerocker4-13-05  7:15 pm
NEW OLD STOCK BASS PICKUPS ON EBAY 2350-43 (1970'S)Moonius234-05-05  10:19 am
??2004 SR500/SR505??Lesliegl3-23-05  6:22 am
SR100 - Strings?Thirstymercrock3-18-05  9:29 pm
Ventura RipperFormula733-14-05  11:42 pm
Info on hollow body artstar bassJefcumps3-14-05  11:00 am
Repairing Pick Ups?Rhodedendrums3-07-05  6:34 pm
Fretless ´73 Rhodedendrums3-07-05  6:14 pm
Dose any one know where i can find a ibanez black eagle?Craigjc3-04-05  7:29 am
I need help makeing a disition on a bass Ibanezfreak19603-03-05  10:05 pm
Eagle BassSnowjays2-16-05  9:22 pm
Looking for info on a 1979 model 2353Adamamp2-03-05  11:02 am
BASS PLAYER Back Issues...1995-1997Tailgate2-03-05  10:19 am
Musician Tuner replacement part2roadsters1-31-05  7:43 am
Replacement Bridge for Ibanez RB800Minger1-05-05  4:44 pm
Ibanez rickenbacker copy model 4000Dm1501-04-05  2:22 pm
Ibanez 4 string bassBeano1-03-05  11:09 pm
Informations about the SR 8100Johns12-14-04  11:25 am
I need your help to put a name on a Soundgear :-)...Johns12-13-04  10:14 am
Identify Soundgear modelJohns11-30-04  11:37 am
Soundgear output problemMikeryan11-29-04  8:30 pm
60's Ibanez bassAriblues11-18-04  4:05 pm
Musician bass bridge2roadsters11-02-04  7:07 am
1992 SR800 wiring diagram needed...Jcubeta11-01-04  5:47 pm
Elger SG bassIbanezfreak196010-29-04  6:41 am
Black eagle jazzIbanezfreak196015 10-15-04  6:25 pm
Ibanez Nighthawk BassDan Nettles10-08-04  11:10 am
Ibanez Bass Soundgear SDGRwarden200@aol.com10-08-04  11:10 am
Sr885warden200@aol.com10-08-04  11:10 am
Flying V Bassjammers10-08-04  11:10 am
Ibanez axxstar bassRon10-08-04  11:10 am
For Sale: Ibz SR1306 Padauk/mahogony bass SAVE$$jcat100010-08-04  11:10 am
Ibanez SR505 5 string w/active elec.dwalmz10-08-04  11:10 am
Ibanez SDGR 6 Stringsvirgilio venditti10-08-04  11:10 am
Roadster BassSig10-08-04  11:10 am
Ibanez rd707??patrick white10-08-04  11:10 am
Iceman BassChris S10-08-04  11:10 am
Ibanez 335 bassSteph10-08-04  11:10 am
Tell me about ibanez sr305dx. good or bad??adrian10-08-04  11:10 am
Need Info on SR-900bottomfeeder10-08-04  11:10 am
WTB: Roadstar II Bass 1984/85A Shelander10-08-04  11:10 am
Roadster Basstw10-08-04  11:10 am
Opinions on SR1200 Bass sought.Shane P10-08-04  11:10 am
Teisco basstw10-08-04  11:10 am
SR-900Howard Anby10-08-04  11:10 am
IBANEZ EXB404TRAVIS GREENE10-08-04  11:10 am
Looking for SR1206 or SR1306 bassAlex Watson10-08-04  11:10 am
Ibanez sr 810? difference between sr800?Ben Mullins10-08-04  11:10 am
Can someone tell me about the SG500 bass?rocket10-08-04  11:10 am
Ibanez MC-888DS Bean BassMalden10-08-04  11:10 am
Musician Bass from 1981Michael Jewels10-08-04  11:10 am
Sr2000 ibanezmichael mcgowan10-08-04  11:10 am
Looking for info on an Ibanez ATK 305 bassGrant Hounsell10-08-04  11:10 am
Ibanez Axstarbassjam510-08-04  11:10 am
1978 Musician bass (Active/EQ)Rick Stoner10-08-04  11:10 am
Ibanez Soundgear 885 For SalePink10-08-04  11:10 am
Need help, old pre Ibanez questionPoeticjustice9-27-04  4:09 pm
Ibanez Studio ST924 bass (schematic, wiring needed)Sricabla9-21-04  8:04 am
BassJohns9-15-04  10:07 am
Ibanez artcore agb 140Norinradd8-20-04  7:37 pm
Bass musician MC402Labass10 8-05-04  6:33 am
Ibaanez Blazer Bass Series - Custom Made - Price?Mr_Roadstar7-23-04  10:21 pm
Early 1980's Bass HelpHarleydave7-15-04  8:48 am
TR Series circa '92 and know nothing else about it...Birkett717-05-04  8:03 pm
Musician MC-824DS bass2roadsters6-23-04  7:12 am
Tuning Machines MC924 - 1979Manbass76-17-04  2:16 am
Someone will get a great deal on this bassManbass76-15-04  9:27 am
Here's a rare bird...Captainibanez5-31-04  6:46 am
Help me figure out what all these controls on my musician bass do...Acetan5-26-04  10:37 pm
Sgr 800le vs edb 600 HELPDavid_C5-24-04  4:11 am
Please help with identificationEricsson36 5-19-04  11:41 pm
Please help me identify this SDGR bass.Drone235-15-04  4:13 pm
Roadsters and soundgearAcetan5-08-04  1:56 am
Price of a SR800 bassReset4-11-04  12:36 am
Mc-924bk bassCaptainibanez4-10-04  9:15 am
HELP! i need Info on an IBANEZ ATK 305 bass...............Captainibanez4-10-04  8:35 am
Roadstar II Bass - ex Happy MondaysBarmy3-22-04  4:47 pm
What Kind? If Any.Mr_Roadstar3-12-04  7:43 pm
Need Case Info PleaseLonghair3-09-04  9:59 am
Ibanez SR 707 fretless bass queryJazzcabana14 1-30-04  12:03 am
Serial number breakdown for SR1200 & RB800 Michael1-14-04  9:23 am
BTB 600E model info or 2002 cataloge available?Gumbyjam1-11-04  10:03 pm
Soundgear FretlessSveintore1-04-04  3:44 pm
Bass help?Johns12-18-03  6:41 pm
Long range rip offMunch25 11-15-03  5:45 pm
RD 707 questionJohns11-06-03  9:23 am
RD-707Myrddin15711-05-03  3:39 pm
1960's Semi-Acoustic For SaleDr_Davros10-21-03  9:31 am
Trying to figure out the production date....Ausjfd10-13-03  3:51 pm
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